sieve maria lucianus

Sieve Maria, born in Buenos Aires, came to the United States as a young girl.

Her earliest memories are going out in nature where she would take long walks, sometimes sitting alone looking and dreaming and waiting for the one. She imagined that he would appear in the field and that she would give him a sorrowful look and say, yes, I am a daughter of a priest...

But no, she resolved to learn to play the flute, sometimes she would sketch or read, the beginning of her talent as a visual artist.

Sieve, although reclusive at times, has been a long time supporter of children's education, especially in the country and small towns where nature abounds. The only way to make people good is to surround them by beauty and love to make them great world citizens.

“Beauty enthuses one for work, and work raises you up... one should work and be surrounded by beauty - only when there is order and beauty, one can concentrate and focus on the task at hand, therefore children should be educated in a beautiful environment.”